Meeting Knives – Very Cool Knife Set

Mia Schmallenbach’s Meeting Knives set actually features a brilliant design allowing four different kitchen knives: a paring knife, a carving knife, a chef’s knife and a filleting knife to all stack inside each other on a single block of steel. The proportions of each knife were determined by the Fibonacci sequence.

Meeting knives are produced by Deglon from Theirs, France and set now come in two knives, three knives and four knives set in either a flat stainless steel or wooden block. A set of four steak knives also finish this series.


This beautiful range will be available on our soon to be released online shop ‘ Fine Tableware Merchants’. In the meantime, contact us by email or phone on 1300 822 533



French Steak Knives by Claude Dozorme

Table Direct imports the steak knives from the home of the classic French shapes – Laguiole and Le Thiers. Set in the heart of French cutlery capital – Thier, Claude Dozorme continues to set the bar in quality, exemplifying why Laguiole and Le Thier knives are so sought after worldwide. Claude Dozorme are a certified ‘Maitre Coutelier’ Master Cutler.

Steak Knives

“L’Ame” Le Thier knife designed by Thomas Bastide

Claude Dozorme was established in 1902 and have always focused on respecting the ancient art of knife craftsmanship. They have subtly blended tradition and technology to ensure the know how remains through the ages

Dozorme laguiole dog factory

Early last century, the grinders also called ‘ventres jaunes’ (yellow stomachs) applied the blade to the grinding wheel to give it an edge while their dog lay on their legs to keep them warm


Laguiole Steak Knife with olive wood handle and brushed stainless bolster

Le Thiers

Le Thier steak knife with polished ebony wood handle

Table Direct’s new online shop is counting down to its opening in 3 weeks where we will showcase Claude Dozormes’ steaks knives as well as a range of pocket knives, ham knives, champagne sabres and a lot more.

In the meantime, you can download Laguiole, Le Thier and Thomas Bastide catalogues here