Cool Compressed Napkins

 We are proud to present the innovative Napkin COOL and Napkin GO range of compressed napkins.

 Napkin COOL is a 100% cotton napkin that is compressed to the size of a mint. Simply add water and you have a 22 x 22cm refresher towel. There are SO many uses for napkin COOL that there is too many to list. However, here’s a few great examples: Tapas, Seafood, Ribs, Day Spas, Kindergartens, Hand Bag and more.


Napkin GO is just as cool. The individual packs include a refresher towel that contains liquid, so its ready to GO. Napkin GO is comes in – Make-up remover, Sanitizer, Baby Wipes, Mosquito Repellent and Sorrento Lime refresher towel.

For more information phone 1300 822 533 in Australia or +61 400 400 626 from overseas. Or email us