Hotwhip – The ingenious Kitchen Aid


HotWhip® – The ingenious kitchen aid saves an enormous amount of time when making freshly-prepared sauces, mousses or light and airy zabaglione with the new HotWhip® from Kisag. With the HotWhip®, you will be well equipped to deal with busy periods by bringing an additional pair of hands to the kitchen, designed to heat and blend sauces effortlessly meaning resource can be used elsewhere in the kitchen. Sauces can be produced in one step and kept warm during the whole of service. HotWhip® has special blades to ensure light and airy whipping of sauces, mousse etc.


The device has low and variable revolutions (900 to 6000 RPM) guaranteeing the soft treatment of delicate produce. HotWhip® is easily programmable so you can prepare recipes in advance, allowing you to have delicate sauces and desserts ready to serve in the right quantity and at the desired temperature. The gentle stirring motion prevents a skin from forming on your sauce, mousse or foam to help it maintain the proper texture. HotWhip® is manufactured in high quality stainless steel. The device is easy to use and simple to clean. The 2LT stainless steel container and blades are dishwasher safe. HotWhip® has a compact footprint reducing valuable bench space.


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